Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Mothers Day?

I'm not celebrating the day even the kids call me Mama. I'm not celebrating the day even I have one inside my heart.

But, on that day, since my 1st son was in kindy school I receive one card or craft made from him and the legacy giving the card or craft from my sons continues until this year .. I guess so..??(because my 2nd son is in his final kindy years at school).

For me, Mother's day is neither a Malay culture nor an Islamic way of life. As far as I remember when I was young there were no mother's day celebrations. The only celebrations we have are birthdays and anniversary my mama and papa.

I do keep all my sons artworks. They are very creative expressing their creativeness :) I guess I can hold an art show from their artwork collection in the art gallery. If Allah's will, I will...

To test my husband on the day, I urge him to get me something special for me. What do you think his response? "You are my wife. If there is a Wife Day for sure i will get something special for you." Hahhaha.. I suppose so.. That makes me love him more :)

Conclusion is NO celebration on mothers day. I'm happy and grateful to have you guys!! All Praises to Allah.

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