Saturday, April 23, 2011

One Saturday Morning without Abah...

.... I was on my way sending my boys to school. As usual, lots of reminders took place in the car before I went Off especially the Do'a Recitation from my second son. After the recitation, this conversation took place.

Zikry : Mama, Abah keje apa?
Mama : Jurutera. (Rasanya Zikry tahu abah keje apa)
Zikry : Jurutera tu apa?
Mama : Enginneerrr.. (starting to stress out the sound of 'enginnn..) Kenapa? Angah nak jadi engineer ke?
Zikry : Ooo engineer tu keje cari engine eh?
Mama : Hahahaha bukanlah...
Irfan : Bukan cari Engine.. Abah keje cari minyakkk laa (marah ler tu~ my correctionist!)

Thursday, April 14, 2011


.... my family library is there..... :)

It takes me almost 2 months to set up my family library. Of course it started with brainstorming myself; thinking what ways should I arranged the books according to the book genre or according to the kind of readers. My utmost objective is I want to make the library friendly-user in finding books especially for my children.

For Whom?
My Husband loves reading, My eldest son loves reading. Both of them will take a book when they feel tired. They energize their body with reading.
All Praises To Allah I'm blessed with these people who loves reading. So, I dedicate my effort to my Husband and children.

When it started?
I started with a collection of books for children. It consists a set
of children encyclopedia, a set of good manner books for children, a set of '1 story for 1 day' books. I bought them with my first pay as a teacher and I spent almost RM2K.

Keeps on collecting ... My husband and I go to the bookshop every month. The kids will get a chance to choose what kind of books they want for that particular month. We do not set boundaries to buy books. The only thing we have to make sure we read the book then we can buy the new one! Happy Reading Everybody!