Saturday, January 28, 2012

Where can you find me?

After settling down at a new place for some time, I feel I'm busier than before. 

IN & OUT sending kids to school 3 times a day. I clocked my odometer for one day is approximately 72KM.  Adding to that on Tuesday and Wednesday afternoon, you will find me at school waiting for my boys' ASA end (after school activities). My odometer become less but my time outside the house become more. If I write in detail my daily timetable I'm afraid you become bored. 

On tuesday afternoon, Zikry has his football activities.  Can you imagine at 2.40pm, the small kids aged 5-6 years old playing football in a biiiiiiggg field and in a really hot steamy day?

This is the biiiiggg field

Zikry exhausted and in a minute he gets cranky.

Look at his face...
Those are on tuesday afternoon. Now we look on wednesday afternoon.  The after school activities ends at 4pm. Meaning that 1 1/2 hour I'm wwwwaiting!! :)

You can find me here on wednesday afternoon

He really enjoys free and easy...