Thursday, July 30, 2009

The Living Changes...

I started living outside of Malaysia in 1996. Furthering my studies was absolutely a good starter in having tremendously changes in my life. It was so far away and took one day to travel from my place. I really enjoyed it as i had nothing to think of except study.

Then, after having struggling living in KL with one husband and one kid, we decided to get more cash in hand by working outside of Malaysia. Our first country would be in one of the Middle East countries, Oman. The sweetest moment I had there is spending a night eating Lamb Kebab with my Hubby sitting by the beach. At that time my 2 boys was asleep in the car. How a sweet one having time together after quite sometimes we were busy with the very young children.

Next, we are in Brunei. Malaysia and Brunei share almost every things i.e weather, culture, language etc. I would say Brunei is like our home. Peace by nature but a little bit slow of development. Less development less pollution.. less busy. Nevertheless, I enjoy it very much. I would say "we"... yes!! We enjoy living here very much.

Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Finding Times

I always have difficulties in finding times on my own. Spending time with my 2 boys is my top list to do everyday. Being a manager to them is like being a manager in an international company. I would ensure them having a smoothly running of the day especially on the weekdays.

That's why i couldn't write much earlier even my blog space have been created few months ago. I would say the involvement of a blogger will rip you off sometimes with your family. I'm not going to let it happen. That's why my first post would be this short as I have 2 boys on-school-going to attend to.

Neither I'm becoming an excessively blogger nor committed one. I just want a space to write, share ideas and express feelings. Hoping that the next post will coming in the next few days.