Saturday, January 4, 2014

Fleur-dy-lys Bakeshop

This is the day when angah's wish comes true... He is a boy with lots of demands which is at some points they are benefit to us. He demands us to have breakfast here. Well this one counts as a good one! He asked me several times and makes me annoyed with his whining. Frankly speaking I am not a fan of western breakfast in a fancy restaurant. There is always exception.. IF... If i have it in a hotel. It is fine with me.. :D

Angah ate the mini pancakes. I ordered open sandwich with mushroom and chicken. Mr.R had american breakfast. Irfan tried spaghetti bolognese and Ziyad had mac&cheese. And the side orders was 3 macaroons flavour chocolate. Macaroons...our first time to try it except me.. Hahaha...jim alip kaf wau nun betooll dia orang ani!! Surprisingly Everybody loves it!! I thought they would not like it because macaroons are sweet. I would say macaroons here less sugar and that is why they like it. My first experience was different. I bought it only one piece macaroons and it was too sweet. Really..too sweet!! From that point I dont like macaroons.

Drinks.. Irfan and I had teh tarik. Mr.R mocha..Angah hot chocolate. Ziyad water. I would say the drinks are ordinary one like in any other cafe .

The ambience is nice like any other cafe. It is a small place and actually not suitable for my boys especially ziyad who is never sit still in one place at a time. Asyik laa pergi kat meja orang sebelah. Dah ler org tu hanya couple may be they were having breakfast date... :D Padahal banyak lagi meja kosong yang ziyad boleh pergi. Nak jugak kacau orang lega rasanya apabila couple tu habis breakfast dulu.

The food are pricey but worth to eat. For mr.R may be worth once a year or...worth as long as he is in Brunei! Rasanya the most expensive breakfast we had sepanjang di Brunei kot... The total was bnd58++. Macam makan sushi tapi lagi banyak kuantiti makanan boleh makan. Itulah.. Kalau dah suka sushi nak buat macamana kan..

All I can say the food was great but a bit pricey.

Monday, December 30, 2013

Our Travel Timeline 2013

I did not realize that we have created an awesome travel timeline throughout 2013 until the flipping in and out the travel photos ended.

We began our travel when the school term holiday started in March. ... looking forward this holiday as if we had not been holiday for years ...padahal bulan 12 lepas baru pergi abu dhabi. This trip a special one for me as my parents; papa & mama, my sister Aish and my youngest brother Aki joined us. So there were 6 adults with the three boys. We went to Pulau Perhentian, Terengganu. We took off by airasia flight bound to Kota Bharu Kelantan. From the airport, we chartered a van heading to Kuala Besut Jetty, Terengganu. It was an hour driving.

It was already 11am when we arrived at the jetty. We had to do some paperworks i.e registration to go the marine park etc before we board the boat. It was our first experience in the Terengganu offshore and had no idea what the boat journey will be. According to the local folk the sea rough because the time already noon. They advised my parents to sit at the center boat or near to the boatman. The chinese old man spoke to us using the malay Terengganu dialect.

Arrghh...tak paham satu pun apa yang hendak disampaikan. He puts some action while talking..ohhhh baru la faham kan.

Anyway, we spend two nights 3 days at the island. Sesudah check in..Panasnya..ya Rabbi hanya Allah yg Maha Mengetahui kepanasan itu. Sebabnya bekalan elektrik di chalet hanya bermula waktu malam sehingga lah tengahari keesokan harinya. Kami pun makan bekalan yang dibawa..kemudian sewa alatan snorkeling dan buat arrangement untuk island hoping. Seronok...

Hilang penat apabila mata dijamu dengan keindahan ciptaan Allah.

pantai yg agak berbatu kecil dan berpasir kasar tetapi masih sangat sesuai untuk berenang hanya di hadapan chalet kami

Selepas dua malam di pulau, we plan to have two nights stay at Kota Bharu. We rent a van with a driver only for one day. Hotel pulak we checked in at the Tune Hotel. Bersih, moden dan sangat kecil. Cukup la kan 4 bilik murah murah je yang penting toilet mesti mau bersih. Berjalan dan shopping sakan untuk lelaki-lelaki sahaja di Kota Bharu. Beli baju jersey pakain sukan di wakaf che yeh.. Besides that Kelantan delicacies are famous too! If you have gigi manis ...sweet tooth...boleh la cuba makan. For me boleh laa layan sekali-sekala kasi tukar selera.

Jun 2013

Inilah yang ditunggu- tunggu. A.U.S.T.R.A.L.I. A !!! In June ..?..Winter season?? But, no snow ye in the Western Australia. Sudah tentu lah yang paling excited si Angah. This would be his first experince with cold season. Yang pergi trip ini kami berempat. Aku, mr.R, Faiq and Ziyad. Along did not join because he will join his schooltrip to Brisbane for a week. What?? schooltrip?? Boleh aku lepaskan anak aku yg berumur 11tahun ke Australia bersama cikgu -cikgu dan kawan-kawan. Irfan's trip was costly. We explained to him why he need to choose and decide wisely where to go.... Perth? or Brisbane? Surprisingly, he answered with confident ..Brisbane. Ok no problem. Tapi dalam hati..boleh ke budak ni jaga diri sendiri..jaga makan minum baju sendiri..jaga solat sendiri. Adik pompuan aku cakap let him go. Jangan jadikan dia anak mommy laa. Ok ok.. Fine!
So kami ke Perth and Irfan ke Brisbane. Kami pergi dulu dan Irfan akan pergi Brisbane selepas seminggu kami pulang.
Perth Australia

anak "berkat" mommy..hahaha bukan anak mommy

we stayed here for a week..luckily ada microwave

one of the Halal Food shop. We stopped here when we were heading to the Caversham Wildlife Park.The lamb meat was so great and the meat taste so fresh. I can tell it the difference because back in Brunei we always buy the frozen meat. Unlike in Malaysia we still can get the fresh meat.

So many places we went. I love the factory outlet here. I was lucky there was sale and I would say very cheap. I bought clothes for my boys from cotton on and osh kosh b'gosh. I bought 2 small samsonite luggage which are suitable for putting inside the cabin. The shopping was really marvelous but dissapointed with the closing time at 5.30pm.. :(

August 2013
I think after one week Raya holiday, we managed to go to Singapore. It was second time visit for us as a family. We stayed in the Hyatt Hotel Orchard Road for three nights. The most important thing is the food serve here is halal.

Relaxing at the pool area

One whole day outing in the Sentosa Island. We only used the MRT public transport to go here.

No shopping in Singapore because we had enough shopping in Australia.

November 2013
This was unplanned holiday. My BIL invited us to join them in Kota Kinabalu, Sabah. After a lot of persuasions and the involvement of my MIL so we decided to have a go at the last minut. I had to write letters to the respective teachers informing them that my boys will miss one school day just to have a holiday with their grandmother in KK. Sounds like "macam takde masa lain nak pergi...". Bukan apa.. The school really strict with the students attendance. Tu yang malas nk pontengkan anak.

We drove our "new used-car" from Bandar Seri Begawan to Kota Kinabalu. It took 6-7 hours driving depends on the queue at the immigration post and the ferry to cross over Pandaruan River. But right now the new bridge built by the Brunei goverment and Malaysia government is ready for public. They officiate it early december 2013.

Anyway, we only managed to meet them and spent the holidays for 2days and one night with them since the time is not fit with our children school calendar. First night, we checked in at the Le-Meridien Hotel. The room was so spacious because we got the club member room. We had big family dinner at one of the seafood restaurant. I said big because there were My BIL and his wife, my niece, my MIL & my family.

Next day, after they went back home in the morning, we decided to have one more night stay in Tuaran, Sabah.

I love this picture!!

Alhamdulillah...Allah beri nikmat kepada makhluk-makhluk untuk berkongsi nikmat yg dirasa oleh makhluk yang lain. Hopefully there will be more to come in year 2014. InsyaaAllah.

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Sunday, December 22, 2013

Net Bread

Net Bread is a direct translation from Roti Jala. Inilah kisah kali pertama aku membuat roti jala di Kuala Belait, Brunei Darussalam.

Sebelum tu acuan pertama yang aku punya untuk membuat roti jala adalah daripada pemberian Ibu Mertuaku (IM). Actually, aku yang "mengecek" daripada IM...ntah macamana pulak aku tak malu mintak acuan roti jala tu. Tapi IM pun tak banyak tanya terus dia kata "amiklah" . Alah dia pun tahu menantunya yg sorang ni pandai masak..hahaha. Masak pun untuk anaknya makan kan..Tapi aku tahu acuan tu sangat bermakna buat IM.

Inilah rupanya...
Acuan Tembaga Roti Jala

Masa aku dapat acuan ni punya laa cantik bersih..tapi sekarang keadaan dah uzur dan jugak beberapa lubang kecil bocor dibawahnya. Maka, tidak lah sesuai lagi untuk digunakan. Simpan buat kenangan. Dan digantikan dengan yang baru.

Itu baru cerita acuan. Lama jugak aku menyimpan acuan tembaga tu. Sampai lah satu hari kawan aku Ina nampak acuan tembaga tu dalam laci dapur aku. Dia pun mencadangkan projek roti jala dirumahnya. Aku pun terus setuju. Mula dari situlah aku menjala. Anak-anak pun suka makan roti jala. Asal masak kari ayam atau daging mesti aku masak lebihkan kuahnya untuk dimakan dengan roti canai atau roti jala.

antara bahan bahannya

menggunakan non-stick pan tefal. Aku suka yang ini sebab dia flat surface dan berat sesuai untuk induction cooker

roti jala

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Friday, December 20, 2013

Nasi Kuning Indonesia

Setiap malam sebelum waktu tidur mesti fikir apa lah nak masak untuk breakfast.

Bila idea tak timbul timbul maka aku "sub" masakan sarapan ni kat amah aku. Dia tanya aku..aku pernah makan tak nasi kuning.. Aku jawab tak, dia pun mem promo nasi kuning Indonesia. Ok la..sounds interesting. Ok la..masak nasi kuning untuk sarapan.

Inilah rupanya Nasi Kuning Indonesia

Rasanya tak jauh beza sebijik macam nasi Lemak..cuma nasi tu masak dengan kunyit. Yang paling sedap sambal tempe ikan bilis..krak kruk krak kruk.. Resepi?? Tak macam masak nasi lemak. Sambal tempe ikam bilis pulak..masak macam sambal kemudian apabila sambal dah sejuk makanya campur je bilis goreng dan tempe goreng...


Teringat zaman dulu dulu....

Zaman sekolah rendah. 30 tahun yang dulu. Masa zaman ni la pertama kali aku makan otak-otak yg dijual di kantin sekolah.

Di sekolah kami ada dua kantin. Satu kantin Melayu dan satu lagi kantin Cina. Hanya kantin Cina sahaja yang menjual otak-otak. Kebetulan pulak mama mengajar dalam kawasan satu sekolah. Ketika itu aku bersekolah di sekolah rendah manakala mama mengajar di sekolah menengah. Jadi setiap kali otak-otak ada dijual, mama mesti membelinya untuk aku. Untung aku mama mengajar dalam sekolah yang sama. Setiap kali waktu rehat, aku beli makanan kantin tanpa duit. Sebut je nama Puan Zaleha orang kantin tu tahu. Cukup bulan mama bayar duit kantin tu. Hahaha..Melarat larat pulak bercerita apabila singkap semula cerita lama.

Berbalik pada tajuk kat atas tu... aku memang selalu buat otak-otak. Anak-anak aku suka makan otak-otak. Abahnya pun suka makan otak-otak tapi dia suka yg dijual di kampong Melayu Majidi. Masing masing punya tekak kan..tak boleh paksa kan... Tapi tiap kali aku buat otak-otak...banyak gak dia bedal. Apapun otak-otak yang aku buat agak lembap...moist gitu mungkin faktor daun agaknya.

Macam mana nak buat otak-otak. Senang je... Bahan-bahan untuk otak-otak ialah:

Isi ikan Tenggiri
Udang basah
Bawang Merah
Bawang Putih
Lada Merah
Kunyit hidup
Air asam
*Kesemua bahan di blend sehingga ia jadi pes
* Kemudian ambil pes tu sesudu dua dan bolehlah dibungkus dengan daun pisang. (Selalu orang bungkus dengan daun kelapa. Disebabkan pokok kelapa tu tinggi dan tak ada jual dipasar jadinya pakai daun pisang je)

(Sebenonya ada lagi gambo langkah demi langkah...sekali tengah publishing tangan ni gatal pulak pegi gallery picture and delete gambo cara-cara buat otak-otak. Adohaiii takde rezeki nampaknya)

(Teknikal problem. Penat menekan punat kekunci ni..sekali nak post..errrr bukan sekali..banyak kali dan result nya Fail. So, download blogger apps pulak..setting photo nya lain..dah la...times up. Nak buat minum petang pulak. Apa yang ada je la post dulu..)