Saturday, January 4, 2014

Fleur-dy-lys Bakeshop

This is the day when angah's wish comes true... He is a boy with lots of demands which is at some points they are benefit to us. He demands us to have breakfast here. Well this one counts as a good one! He asked me several times and makes me annoyed with his whining. Frankly speaking I am not a fan of western breakfast in a fancy restaurant. There is always exception.. IF... If i have it in a hotel. It is fine with me.. :D

Angah ate the mini pancakes. I ordered open sandwich with mushroom and chicken. Mr.R had american breakfast. Irfan tried spaghetti bolognese and Ziyad had mac&cheese. And the side orders was 3 macaroons flavour chocolate. Macaroons...our first time to try it except me.. Hahaha...jim alip kaf wau nun betooll dia orang ani!! Surprisingly Everybody loves it!! I thought they would not like it because macaroons are sweet. I would say macaroons here less sugar and that is why they like it. My first experience was different. I bought it only one piece macaroons and it was too sweet. Really..too sweet!! From that point I dont like macaroons.

Drinks.. Irfan and I had teh tarik. Mr.R mocha..Angah hot chocolate. Ziyad water. I would say the drinks are ordinary one like in any other cafe .

The ambience is nice like any other cafe. It is a small place and actually not suitable for my boys especially ziyad who is never sit still in one place at a time. Asyik laa pergi kat meja orang sebelah. Dah ler org tu hanya couple may be they were having breakfast date... :D Padahal banyak lagi meja kosong yang ziyad boleh pergi. Nak jugak kacau orang lega rasanya apabila couple tu habis breakfast dulu.

The food are pricey but worth to eat. For mr.R may be worth once a year or...worth as long as he is in Brunei! Rasanya the most expensive breakfast we had sepanjang di Brunei kot... The total was bnd58++. Macam makan sushi tapi lagi banyak kuantiti makanan boleh makan. Itulah.. Kalau dah suka sushi nak buat macamana kan..

All I can say the food was great but a bit pricey.

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