Wednesday, September 28, 2011

This is what happened today..

It was time, 4.30pm to fetch my boys from Ugama school in JIS.  I was early 5 minutes and I waited for them at the drop off zone. From far I saw Zikry, my second boy, running happily towards the gate. He got into the car and started telling me how was his day at school. My eyes kept on searching for my eldest one and could not focusing on Zikry's conversation. I was still waiting at the drop off zone and started grumbling where he was..  Then, Zikry kept on asking me.. "mana abang ni?" I was a bit mad because Irfan's late and I had to park my car and got down with little Ziyad in my arms. And another hand holding Zikry's hand walked towards the T Block which made me climbed few staircase. We bumped each other and I asked him where he was in angry manner. I felt angry because I was worried about him .. kena culik ke.. terkunci dlm bilik air ke.. Anyway, Irfan told me "Abang Solat Asar lah"... Alhamdulillah, Sejuk hati mama yang marah ni ..

Zikry was excited seeing me waiting for him in the car

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