Saturday, April 23, 2011

One Saturday Morning without Abah...

.... I was on my way sending my boys to school. As usual, lots of reminders took place in the car before I went Off especially the Do'a Recitation from my second son. After the recitation, this conversation took place.

Zikry : Mama, Abah keje apa?
Mama : Jurutera. (Rasanya Zikry tahu abah keje apa)
Zikry : Jurutera tu apa?
Mama : Enginneerrr.. (starting to stress out the sound of 'enginnn..) Kenapa? Angah nak jadi engineer ke?
Zikry : Ooo engineer tu keje cari engine eh?
Mama : Hahahaha bukanlah...
Irfan : Bukan cari Engine.. Abah keje cari minyakkk laa (marah ler tu~ my correctionist!)

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