Sunday, February 27, 2011

My 6-year-old Entertainer in the family

My second son and I were having great time doing some extra work on one sunday afternoon. Last week we did farm animals theme. And that day was supposed to rap up the topic. But still he insisted me to keep the theme until next month. Ok ... up to you boss! Anyway, we're not in a rigid scheme of work like in school.

The funny things happened when I ask him the male, female and babies of animals. He got right for 'chicken'. But, when it came to 'horse' , he told me this impressively.

Zikry: Male horse we call it stallion.
Mama: Very Good!
Zikry : Female horse we call it mare.
Mama: Excellent! :)
Zikry: Babies horse we call it horsie!
Mama: What??!!(trying to figure out his answer while my hand reaching out for a dictionary) (am I so naive or my CPU dysfunctioned?)

Then, My eldest son laughed out loud.. "Mama, horsie is in the TOY STORY3 la mama...!" and then.. I started laughing... (am I late?) ~better late than never~

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