Friday, February 25, 2011

Mistake makes Me Aware...

My eldest son had his Science 1st topic test. He only had one mistake which made me ''aargghh!”

This is why I totally disagree when MOE backhome first introduce Science and Mathematics in English just to improve the proficiency level of the students. I was an English option teacher and if I were one of the ministry people I would suggest to curb the problem witihin the language itself. Once it has been tackled then you can teach Science and Mathematics in English. Anyway, it was unsuccessful solution. Luckily, we are not in our home country. :) (for the time being)

Back to the mistkake. The Question is : A deaf man has lost his sense of sight. True or False.

My son did not know the meaning of “deaf”. Once you do not know the meaning you definitely answer the question by luck. If it is in Malay, for sure he will get it right. I did revision with him before hand but my questions (made myself) just based on the theory.. I forgot to make questions that applied to the theory. Yeah ...remember??!! I'm not a Science teacher.. and not really interested of science subject during my schooldays..

All Praise and thank be to Allah, Irfan learn his mistake after a post mortem topic test we did together. He learn so did I(learn his mistake). Just a simple word at the beginning (deaf) but will hold it for the rest of his learning period.

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