Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Sunday Morning @ Jerudong Park & Polo Country Club

It was lovely Sunday Morning, I packed some food and drinks then we headed to the Jerudong Park & Polo Country Club.

It was a bit different environment and you wouldn't think that you were in Brunei Darussalam.

The gentle morning breeze blew caressing our faces. Welcoming chirping birds merrily can be heard and entertained us .. How lovely it was.. but the only thing tickled and feathering our pointed nose was that stinky smell coming from the horses waste. :)

I tried to apply what I read before backhome within my own understanding ability. And these are the outcomes.

trying to frame the picture


up close and personal...I would say he is animal enthusiast.

This is only the half size of the stable

the road heading towards the JP&PCC
We feel the perspiration on our skin as the sun was heating up the surroundings. We picked up the speed to finish our morning stroll and leave the place behind quickly before we were about to be burnt by the searing the sun rays.


  1. gambar zikri tgk kuda tu klu kak uda amek sudut pandangan belakang bahu dia lg jadik menarik.. sng ckp, amek angle dari sudut pandangan zikri.. nk tau gak ap yang dia tgk smpi belek dekat mcm tu kn? he3.. klu k.uda igt kat notes ader satu gambar budak tepi pool n tgh tgk gazebo yang byk lampu..dlm tajuk perspektif, igt tak? harap2 k.uda igt la :) byk kn loagi angle..

  2. pasni jom outing amek gmbr.
    :) da pandai amek gmbr ikut rules kn..

  3. framing cuba lagi.. sayang lah sbb gambar framing tuh tak sepenuhnya framing (tgk sebelah kiri,bawah.. nxt time jgn ader camtuh syg laaa...

  4. thankyou.. wahh lausze' ajak outing amek gambo... hahahha tak confident murid jadiknya. bila cuti sekolah cakap la.. kita gi.