Monday, August 3, 2009

The Instinct

The instinct that goes for your loved ones is the most likely to happen.

Last Saturday, I was busy in the kitchen and I felt choking in my throat. I tried to ease by drinking some water. But the water "entered" the wrong channel and made me coughing badly. Our culture believes that it might be someone is talking about you. How far it's TRUE only ALLAH knows.

Then, my right eye started to blink for a few times. Again, our culture believes that you will cry because something bad will happen to you. How far it's TRUE only ALLAH knows. For me every blink in my eyes will lead me to crying. I felt uneasy. My instinct says something is happening back home.

The next day, I called my dad and he told me my mom and sister are sick and admitted at the hospital. I feel sad and wish I could be there next to them. That would be impossible.. Who is going to take care of my children when I am away?

Only my prayers are with them.

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